Stove Top Pizza Oven




UI Designer


January - March 2023


Project Proposal | Prototype


I was tasked to create a digital platform that class.

For my project, I decided to create a promotional website about teaches users something new, utilizing the 20 user interface design principles learned in class.

For my project, I decided to create a promotional website about the kitchen gadget: Stove-Top Pizza Oven.


  • Utilize user interface design principles to create a product promotional website
  • Make a digital site that is intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Present information in a clear way for users to understand and memorize information


The project was split into two parts: Project Proposal and the Final Prototype. Each part consisted of in-class mini-presentations where we received critique on how to improve our projects.

Project Proposal

To begin the project, I created a project proposal that outlined how I planned to use the following concepts and principles in my prototype. I explained in detail each principle and its definition and described how I would utilize it in the overall project design.

User Interface Design Concepts

Shown below are three user interface design concepts that display the most prominent features of my project.

Miller's Law

Definition: the principle that the average person can only hold seven, plus or minus two items, in their working memory.

Usage: The features page only contains five informational sections that explain important details about the product.

Multimedia Principle

Definition: the principle that states individuals learn more efficiently with words and images presented together.

Usage: Each page contains images that display the information discussed in the body text with callouts.

Zeigarnik Effect

Definition: the principle that people uncompleted tasks more effectively than completed tasks.

Usage: A progress bar is placed on each page to provide users with a visual of how many sections they have completed and how many they have left to review.

Final Prototype

My final prototype is a promotional website for the Stove-Top Pizza Oven product. The website is broken down into two parts: ‘About’ and ‘Features’. The ‘About’ section provides users with a brief description of the product. The ‘Features’ section outlines five important aspects of the pizza oven.


After completing this project, I have learned that UI design is not just about aesthetics. To become a better designer, I need to consider how the user interacts and interprets the information that I have presented. The user interface design principles that I learned taught me that humans retain information in small chunks and through design repetition. As such, I need to design my work in a way that targets that particular kind of learning structure. I look forward to applying my new knowledge in future projects and becoming a better designer.